I lost 22 kg !!!

Life Live by Maja
2 min readMar 8, 2021

Sharing my experience

I decided to write every day because I think I have a lot to say and share my life experiences, which is why I named my blog, Life Live by Maja. The scene of vloggers and bloggers is full of everything and everything, especially those who present their glamorous life, full of overpriced products, brands, everything that ordinary people, workers, housewives and mothers, girls who can’t afford all that.

Simple woman

I want to show the real side of our lives, to present publicly, that life is not as sweet as famous vloggers or bloggers show us. I hope that one day this writing of mine will grow into something more tangible, to record my life and everything I struggle with, enjoy. I think that this is exactly what people want to see, that they are not the only ones who are struggling with everyday problems and the struggle to survive and at the same time afford something that will make us happier. In time, I will write more about who I am and what I am, without decorating, without false modesty, and as realistically as possible. I probably should have introduced myself in my first blog because you still don’t know anything about me except that I lost 22 kg.