China friends

Why am I happy today

Today I am especially happy and I would like to take this opportunity say thanks to my friends from China who helped me get my blog’s first readers and followers.

Collaboration with Chinese developers

I have been cooperating with Chinese developers in business for about five years and I want to share my experience with these wonderful people. I have been working part-time on the Internet for a long time and they helped me, introduced me to the business, and shared my experiences. They selflessly taught me and were patient to pass on their knowledge to me. Respecting deadlines, paying, making promises with them is a priority and I have never come across a person who has not kept the agreement.

They haven’t forgotten me

Even today, when I no longer cooperate with many of them, they always remember me, congratulate me on the New Year, Christmas, birthday. Wonderful people, cheerful nature, research spirit and primarily hardworking and dedicated to work, people from whom we can learn a lot and primarily how to be a good person.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (simplified Chinese 农历 新年, 春节; traditional Chinese 農曆 新年), or Spring Festival, is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of the New Year according to the traditional Chinese calendar. It is one of the more lunar New Years in Asia. The celebration begins the evening before the first day of the year and ends on the fifteenth day of the year, at the Lantern Festival.

According to fairy tales and legends, the Chinese New Year began with the mythical beast Nin Shao (simplified Chinese: 年 兽; traditional Chinese: 年 (). He ate peasants, especially children. One year, all the peasants decided to hide from the beast. Before they left, an old man appeared and said that he would stay overnight and take revenge on the monster, but no one supported him. He set up a red paper and set off fireworks. A day later, the villagers returned and saw that nothing had been destroyed and assumed that the old man was the deity who had saved them. They later realized that Nin Shaw was in fact afraid of red and loud sounds. Since then, they have worn red clothes for the New Year and hung red lamps and red spring scrolls on doors and windows. They also used fireworks to scare Nin Shaw. Since then, Nin Shaw has never returned to the village. Later, Nin Shou was captured by

Hongqin Lauca (Simplified Chinese: 鸿钧 老祖; Traditional Chinese: 鴻鈞 , an old monk.

The lunisolar Chinese calendar determines the date of the Lunar New Year. The calendar is also used by countries that are influenced or have relations with China, such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam, although sometimes the date of celebration may deviate by one day or even one monthly cycle due to the use of meridians based on different capitals in different time zones or a different place of the intercalary months.

The biggest event during Chinese New Year’s Eve is a gathering dinner. Dishes made from special types of meat are served at the table as the main dish for dinner, and are served for the New Year. It can be compared to Thanksgiving Dinner in America and is similar to Christmas dinner in other countries with a large percentage of Christians. In northern China, they usually make dumplings after dinner and eat them around midnight. Dumplings are a treasure because their shape resembles the old Chinese currency. In the south, gluten-free New Year’s cake is usually made and its pieces are sent as a gift to relatives and friends. After dinner, some families go to local temples to pray for a good New Year, but nowadays people usually throw parties and count down to the New Year. Traditionally, fireworks were lit to scare away evil spirits and the doors were closed and they were not allowed to open until the new morning, and this was called the opening of the door of happiness in the ritual.

I hope to one day visit China and write to you about my experience and until then my Chinese friends convey to me the spirit of this beautiful country and its people.

Happy New Year dear China people



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